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Connect and manage everything you need to sell over the internet in one place:

  • Generate Powerful Payment Links for Your Products

    Connect a payment provider and offer customers a simplified, agile, high conversion payment experience with conversion event tagging.

  • Automate Marketing and Sales Processes

    Connect platforms to automatically: send orders to your e-Commerce, segment email marketing lists, send SMS to customers, update orders retrieval lists, granting access to the member’s area, create invoices, and much more.

  • Track Results in One Place

    Analyze business metrics and gain insights to drive your marketing and sales strategy.

  • Monitor ROI in Real Time

    Track conversions, know where your leads and sales are coming from, and quickly identify the most profitable traffic sources with Tracking and Neural A/B Testing.

How to Run your Business with Guru in 3 Steps

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O Seu Conteúdo Fica Aqui
O Seu Conteúdo Fica Aqui

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Track Campaigns and Test Variations

To measure conversions and track ROI in real time, follow one of the next options:



Track Your Business Metrics in One Place

Access the most relevant information in one place and have more time to grow your business.

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